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I'm back....anyone miss me? :-P

Working for Feral

Last year when Dave was working in London, I sent him a resume and cover letter applying for a job.

Tonight, I found the cover letter. Here it is:

Dear Feral Interactive Computer Games People,


            I am a recent graduate from University (I believe that’s what you call it over in your little island…we call it college but I don’t want you to be confused by thinking that I have just graduated from your equilvent of high school.) I have been highly interested in computer games since I was a small child. My mother wouldn’t allow me to play any as she thought they were detrimental to my educational health and so I would spend many hours a day inventing my own computer games on construction paper with coloured pencils.

            I have many skills which I feel will make great additions to your team. For example, I have lots of experience turning on computers, plugging them in to wall sockets, checking my email, sending email, receiving email, responding to email, looking at websites and also writing word documents. I can install programmes and burn cds as well. I am also very interested in learning about programming computers and in the past I have read the first few pages of a PHP book. It was very interesting.

            Attached you will find my resume. Please be sure to look closely at my “skills” list in which I am sure you will find many that will apply to the job I am looking for.


Thank you so much, I look foreword to hearing from you soon,


Amy Burnham 

Unfortunatly, I did not get the job.
I am sick of not having any money to pay all my bills...I'm sick of having to beg my parents and friends for money. Sometimes I think there is no help at all...

Makes me SICK

Ok...so I know that recently I have been reading about religion and trying to understand how and what christians believe. However...I found this today and i CAN'T BELIEVE THIS. I know this is a fanatical of the church but REALLY?


If you don't listen to ALL of it (I can barely stand it) atleast listen to the part where she is going to protest Heath Ledger's funeral because he is a liar and then the radio jocky has to try and explain that Brokeback Mountain is a MOVIE and is NOT real.

It makes me SICK.

*note: The interviewee is Shirley Phelps-Roper who says "Thank God for 9-11 and Katrina"    FUCK HER.
I'M GOING TO FLORIDA FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This show is hilarious. Moment of Truth. Lol...seriously...they really need to stop the strike soon so we can have better TV. I mean...there are game shows and there are reality TV shows...but Moment of Truth...I can just see EVERYONE on here getting a divorce or asstranged from their family.

*sigh* America...what are you coming too?
RIP Heath Ledger...

I'll always remember you as #5 on my "Future Husbands" list...

Seriously though, I'm very sad about it. :-(

Nov. 7th, 2007

I'm so conflicted...about nothing at all. Bah.


Got to Florida safely. No accidents along the way except for the one I ALMOST got into when driving through the town I was born in. Ironic. I was born there and I could have died there.

My hotel room is very nice. It has a tiny kitchen complete with stove and oven. One side of my balcony faces the ocean which is located right behind the parking lot.

I start work in a little over an hour. I'm nervous and excited but also sad. I miss Goodspeed like crazy. :-) Oh well. One day I'll go back.

Ok! Time for work!


...really, Amy? Really?

Oh well...Virgina soon...then Florida for a new show, a new cast and new costumes.

All I need to do is go home tonight, sleep and I'll feel better in the morning. I always feel better in the morning.