The (somewhat) true life of a Closet Snog

22 February 1984
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Who am I?

I'm your neighborhood friendly closetsnog...who else would I be?

I'm the creature that makes your closet door squeek at night. I'm the sublimely cute, large eye'd monster that you find within a child's imagination. And most imporantly I'm the bestest friend you could ever have...if you don't make me angry that is.

I live by two ideas:
1. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.
2. Never expect anything from someone else and that way what ever happens is always a surprise.

I still believe that blowing a kiss at the clock when it turns 11:11 will help you have a happy life. Saying "Rabbit Rabbit" when you wake up on the first of the months will bring you good luck for the next 4 weeks. Somewhere up in the universe is some sort of creature known as "God" and he and I have a love/hate relationship.

Also, anyone who buys me a Lobster dinner will have a friend for life. Or atleast til the lobster is gone.

I'm a failure at learning other languages.

I live in my best friend's computer room.

I am 100% cute, ALL of the time.